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The NHL has unveiled the new jerseys and uniforms for the upcoming apparel switch from Reebok to Adidas.Adidas will have the rights to the NHL on-ice jerseys after inking a seven-year deal.wholesale jerseys. Fanatics inked a large deal with the league to provide fans with replica jerseys.

The reason I’m writing about nicknames is because MLB recently announced that for the weekend of Aug. 25, the league will relax the restrictions on uniforms. cheap jerseys.Players will be able to wear jerseys with their names on the back as well as fluorescent-colored shoes. They’ll also be able to put a patch on their jerseys bearing the name of a person or organization who’s been instrumental to their development (that’s Baseball Speak). cheap hockey jerseys.Proceeds from the nickname jerseys that fans buy will go to the Youth Development Foundation, which is something we can all agree is good. Who doesn’t want to develop the youth, foundationally speaking?This news got me thinking about baseball nicknames. There have been some historically great ones, from Yogi, to Babe, to Mr. October, to Say Hey Kid, to Panda, to Joey Bats, to Big Papi, to A-Rod.cheap jerseys from china.But I think we need more. And I think we should streamline the process: What if every players’ nickname was just his name, but with the first letters of his first and last name switched around?

Here’s what the backs of jerseys would look like, because this is an exercise that is clearly too complicated for someone who isn’t a sportswriter to do for themselves. custom jerseys.I have included parentheses after each nickname to tell you how funny it is or isn’t, because that is alsosomething you definitely can’t figure out for yourself.